What’s is Minnano KAIGO?

Minna No KAGO is an app, it’s used in Kaigo facilities in Japan. The app will support your Kaigo record task and Kaigo learning.


What’s is Kaigo?

Kaigo is job, skill, and concept well known in Japan and part of Europe. Many people think the Kaigo is similar to Nurse, but job duties are completely different between them.

In our country, we have a system to treat and care, with adjusting to an individual patient condition with separate responsibility among doctor, nurse, and Kaigo staff.

in recent years, Kaigo is well known and recognized as a necessary skill for many countries all over the world.

if you have an opportunity to learn Kaigo, it may be your advantage in your career.



Minnano Kaigo is beneficial to you. Especially if you are as below.

1, Student

if you are wishing to learn Kaigo in Japan, please download the app soon. the app has been used by Kaigo staff in Japan on the daily job. You can imagine and know what kind of task will be required in the Kaigo field. At the same time, the app will support to make you understand that differences between nurse and kaigo, medical and care.

recently, some education institute adopted the app for teaching their students real Japanese kaigo. you can contact and ask for near institutes.

2, Education Institute

MinnanoKaigo has been using as learning material about Kaigo in some countries. institute hope to add Japanese Kaigo course in their curriculum, but no one can teach Japanese Kaigo for a student. so we allow using the app for the educational purpose.

Adding the Kaigo course will drive to gain your institute’s publicity because many students hope to learn Japanese Kaigo.

3, Distributors

Now we are recruiting distributors. We are looking forward to collaborating work with you in the future.


If you need more info, please feel free to contact us via contact form under this page.

If you want to download the app demo ver, please click this link and go download page.



  • The app was developed based on Japanese Kaigo system.
  • proven and trusted app with many results in Japan.
  • covering multi-language function.
  • covering voice input function.
  • Fit to a smartphone.

and more functions and futures.


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